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Clearance Sale: Shoe and Glove Powder 6 oz

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Bring your favorite running shoes back into the house with this talc and fragrance free deodorizer to eliminate tough odors.  Eliminates moisture and odor from your shoes and gloves to maximize their life and keep them fresh and clean!

  • Eliminate The Cause Of Odor & Bacteria. Bacteria thrive in damp environments, it's important to eliminate moisture to block away odor and extend the life of your shoes and apparel.
  • Freshen Your Shoes & Gloves Naturally With Essential Oils. Vapor Fresh® Shoe And Glove Powder uses the power of essential oils to leave a pleasant, refreshing scent behind.
  • Free Of Talc & Artificial Fragrances. Talc has been suspected of causing ovarian cancer and is commonly found in other shoe powders-- but not ours.
  • Great For Running Shoes, Gloves, Bags, and more !Vapor Fresh® Shoe And Glove Powder is perfect for most common fitness gear and apparel.
  • Proudly Made In The USA. Vapor Fresh® Shoe And Glove Powder is proudly manufactured in the United States.