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Proprio6 Ankle Sock Unisex

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Proprio6 proprioceptive socks are about balance and power.

Sensory input signals, such as those from the visual, proprioceptive, and vestibular systems, play important roles in maintaining balance and enabling strength.  Inputs from all parts of the body contribute to postural control and body orientation.  The sole of the foot is a particularly important proprioceptive area, and sensory inputs from the ankle are important for adjusting gait frequency and developing power while running, biking, or other performance activities.

The Proprio6 Ankle proprioceptive sock provides a unique stitching and weave to compress and activate proprioceptive responses during exercise.  Its benefits include improved balance, strength, posture, speed, agility, as well as reduced ankle injuries  

Runners may see a more efficient run form and longer stride.  Cyclist can benefit from equalized power between the left to right motion and throughout the circular pedaling cadence.  

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