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shamma power straps for ultra models
shamma sandals running foot in motion wearing sandals and power straps
shamma sandals running tan sandal on log with power straps
shamma sandals running high end sandal on rock with power strap

Power Straps - Elite Lacing Models

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These Power Straps are made as an accessory for all Elite models including Warriors, Chargers, and Mountain Goats.  They are made to provide additional stability and structure during high-impact activities such as trail running or speed work.  With Power Straps you will feel an extra layer of being locked in and stabilized in your favorite pair of Shammas.

  • Fits all Ultra models (Warriors, Chargers, & Mountain Goats)
  • Easily secured to and removed from your sandals
  • Light weight, adds approximately 0.2 ounces per strap
  • Simple durable design

Recommended for high-impact sports and activities like speed runs, technical trails, climbing, slack-lining, mountain biking and so on.