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Old Goats

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Mountain Goats are minimalist running and activity sandals with leather tops and lacing.  They fall into the "Classics" series for people that want a truly vintage style but with subtle design and performance twists.  This is a thicker insole than other sandals but provides plenty of natural ground feel especially after a few break-in runs. Sole thickness is 9-10mm without tread and an additional 2 mm to account for tread depth.  Weight is approximately 5 ounces in a size 9.

Part of the Classics Lacing collection.  Please refer to the sizing guide image to ensure the correct size before ordering.


  • Fully adjustable continuous brown oil-tanned leather lacing along with matching brown deer-tanned cowhide leather for the foot bed.
  • Special composite sole in a dark, chocolate brown that provides additional traction and an aggressive tread.
  • A new take on tradition huaraches, these sandals utilize a front buckle for strap fit adjustments while the laces are made from continuous leather strapping.
  • Lacing creates a perfect, custom fit to lock you feet in while running or exercising yet still allowing your feet to move in a natural motion. 
  • Pair with optional Classics Power Straps for additional structure during high impact activities.

Classics have a break-in period, but once adjusted you won't want to take them off. The classic lacing is easy on and off, and easy to carry with you. The Old Goats are similar to the Mountain Goats in terms of weight and treading, but have a distinct feel.