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Energy Gel

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Simply the most natural, great tasting, energy packed nutrition gel or spread that you can consume during or after runs.  Ditch your synthetic gels in favor of this all natural product that has 4-6 read food ingredients in each power packed flavor.  Stash a few of these in your belt or pocket while running to power through those long miles and speed up the recovery for your next run.  Vegan, organic, gluten free, paleo, non-GMO.  Thicker than typical gels while still easy to consume and with less gooey mess.

Clean - Easy on the stomach
Healthy - calorie and nutrition dense
Simple - 4-6 real food ingredients in each flavor
Flavorful - some tart, some sweet, some savory
Versatile - eat it straight, spread it on a bagel, add to oatmeal or coffee
Hand made in San Diego, one batch at a time