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Mountain Goats

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These are the toughest of the Shamma sandal line and built for running along the most rugged terrain.  The sole shines on rough, uneven surfaces like gravel, muddy trails, icy stretches, and mountain passes.  You'll trade a bit of ground feel for the additional stability and traction.  Also great for hiking with the higher stack heigh and super aggressive traction.  Sole is 9-10 mm thick without tread plus an additional 2 mm tread depth.  Weighs approximately 5 ounces in a size 9.

Part of the Elite Lacing collection.  Please refer to the sizing guide image to ensure correct fit before you order.


  • Sole made by a special method that bonds and combines the Vibram Newflex with Vibram Morflex materials to yield a sole that has the durability and traction of the Warriors with the smooth ride, light weight, and foot forming properties of the Chargers. The trade off is a little bit of stack height, but this makes for an off-road adventure beast.
  • UltraGrip foot bed is made from Toughtek material to create a large surface area that channels away water, dirt, and mud while maintaining optimal grip.  Great choice for anything from running in the rain to walking in a creek, or backpacking and more.  
  • Elite lacing system comfortably and securely keeps feet in place within sandals.  Fully adjustable across the foot and through to the heel with simple hook and loop fasteners.  
  • Pair with optional Ultra Power Straps for additional structure during high impact activities.

The Mountain Goats offer the most protection of all Shamma sandals. The tread is aggressive, and the extra thickness gives a little more smoothness over gnarly rocks, roots, and other uneven pieces of terrain. They break in and shape up a little less quickly than the Chargers, but faster than the Warriors.