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mudroom intermodal 18l light blue shoe detail
mudroom intermodal 18l light blue
woman wearing mudroom intermodal backpack
mudroom intermodal backpack on picnic table
mudroom intermodal 18l light blue front
mudroom intermodal 18l light blue rain cover
mudroom intermodal 18l light blue back
mudroom intermodal 18l light blue extended view
mudroom intermodal 18l light blue storage

Intermodal otw - Light Blue

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The Mudroom Intermodal is a unique backpack with innovative shoe storage.  It is made for trail running, fitness, hiking, and everyday lifestyle/commuting.  We recommend watching the brief video at the bottom of this product page to see how this innovative pack works.  

A mud's a room that is common to the Midwest where people remove and store dirty shoes before coming into the house.  It keeps your house clean from what you might drag in from the outdoors.  So why not apply that same concept to your gym, storage, or hiking bag and avoid transferring shoe dirt and germs to your clothing, electronics, and other gear?

The Mudroom Intermodal otw is a compact version of the Quartable, and made to handle all of your diverse activity needs.  Unique features include a rain cover that securely stows in the carrying handle, in a mini-zippered compartment for easy deployment.  Easily accessible for that random soaker that sneaks up on you. Footwear pockets separate shoes from electronics and internal compartments. Digital essentials are easily accessible inside or out for general use (including when you're in the always exciting airport security lines) with a side-access zipper. Silhouetted and contoured, Mudroom Backpacks maintain their shape (no sloppy bag sag) and can stand upright on its own. Padded shoulder straps and an adjustable chest strap distribute weight for comfort.  Prepare for what's next with convenient and segregated storage for footwear and extra gear.  Hydration compatible to hold your normal flask and secure the drinking spout along the shoulder harness (flask/spout not included).

Technical specifications
Pack Weight: 1.8 lbs (.82 kg)
Shipping weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2kg)
Internal Storage Volume: 20.5L (1250 cu. in.)
External materials: 420d Ripstop nylon and 420d polyester back and bottom panels
Internal materials: 210d Ripstop nylon