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Go Dog Glo Harness

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Made for that extra active dog that just loves to push (or pull) you to your limits. It's perfect for those that are overly eager on the leash but can help any dog be more safe and comfortable when walking or running.  You'll love the additional pet security and comfort versus a collar or as a mechanism to improve leash manners.

The breastplate is built to provide security and structure for the harness while enabling a comforting distribution of pressure across the neck and torso.  It is made from durable, reflective fabric with a comfy mesh liner for added softness and safety.

The leash attachment moves naturally and comfortably as pressure is increased or decreased on the leash.  This can trigger your dog to slow down and emulate your pace, thus reducing pulling behavior.  It sits atop the shoulder where you have optimal body control and minimizes the chance of leashes getting caught or twisted around your dog's body.  

For sizing, watching the video below or refer to the last product image.  Girth is a measure of your dog's circumference just behind the front arm pits.  

Made in Minnesota, USA.

Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Harness from Stunt Puppy on Vimeo.