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Corelite 100 Lumen

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Note this is a light and battery pack only.  Attaches to your existing waist pack or belt (1.5-2.5" belt height). 

A perfect and inexpensive addition to your existing Fuelbelt, Spibelt, Nathan, or other waist or belt pack with a 100-lumen LED light output.  Lightweight two-piece front attachment is designed for quick access in/out of pack – just pull the two half sections apart and undo the pack attachment underneath.  The Corelite will stay on the pack. External battery pack is powered by a 3 AA batteries and features two flashing red LEDs mounted to pack for added road safety.  Battery holder attaches to belt either vertically or horizontally in between the bottles.  Fits any belt height between 38mm (1.5″) and 63mm (2.5″).