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Add a powerful cleaning spray for your home, equipment, or running gear and without the harsh chemicals found in traditional cleaners.  Perfect for shoes, vests, bags, gloves, helmets, pads, mats, and more. Leaves your fitness gear smelling fresh and ready for the next adventure! 

  • Free of Ammonia, Chlorine & Artificial Fragrance. Other cleaning sprays contain irritating chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine and artificial fragrances. Vapor Fresh® Cleaning Spray is free of these chemicals, instead utilizing the natural power of plants.
  • Harnesses The Power Of Plants. Formulated with a proprietary blend of essential oils extracted from plants and a mild surfactant for the ultimate natural cleaning power.
  • Perfect For Running Shoes, Bags, Vests, or as a Household Cleaner. Vapor Fresh® Cleaning Spray is a versatile product perfect for cleaning any common fitness gear and can also be used as a general household cleaner.
  • Trusted Nationwide. Used and trusted by professional and college teams nationwide.
  • Proudly Made In The USA.