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Chargers LE

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Light and responsive barefoot feel without a trace of flop or flimsiness.  Your running will be just as effective on the road or trail with this light and responsive sandal with a 6-7 mm insole.  Weighs only 3.2 ounces in a size 9.

Part of the Elite Lacing collection.  Please refer to the sizing guide to ensure correct fit before you order.


  • Ultra smooth ride that is great for hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete, but also perfectly capable to handle a day on the trails.
  • Vibram Morflex sole that quickly shapes to your feet and is flexible but not floppy.  
  • Comfy goatskin leather footbed that is very comfortable while walking, hiking, or running.
  • Elite lacing system comfortably and securely keeps feet in place within sandals.  Fully adjustable across the foot and through to the heel with simple hook and loop fasteners.  
  • Can be paired with optional Ultra Power Straps for additional structure and stability.

The Chargers are like war horses - strong, balanced, and stable. While their tread isn't as aggressive as other Shammas, they're built for running on and off road.  They are ideal for anyone looking for a great minimalist running sandal that provides natural movement.