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Vapor Fresh

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As you read our other discussions, you'll soon find that we're a big fan of the environment and natural ingredients.  While that's not always entirely possible with cleaning products, the team at Vapor Fresh work hard to minimize the use of harsh chemicals while offering a power packed solution to stinky running gear.

Vapor Fresh was developed for one reason-- to help runners and athletes avoid exposure to harmful chemicals found in everyday cleaning products so they can live healthier and run better.

Stephen Steinberg founded the company in 2008 while playing for the University of Maryland hockey team.  He needed something to keep his pads from stinking up his dorm room, but couldn't find any products to eliminate the odor without the use of irritating chemicals.  So he decided to develop a better product himself.

After much research and testing, Stephen created a formula that performed better than other products while using safe, natural ingredients. Realizing what he had just made, he sent samples to local equipment managers of college athletics programs. When they came back with positive feedback and purchase orders, Raw Athletics was officially born and Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray became the first of many Vapor Fresh running and fitness cleaning products.

Today, Vapor Fresh has combined green-cleaning principles with highly effective chemistry to create an entire line of running cleaning products for the sports and fitness industry. 

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