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There are only a handful of brands where we are fortunate to say "yeah, we've been using that for years."  This is true for TrailHeads, with it being our go-to cold weather apparel for the past five years or so.  The hats and gloves are made form a quality fabric that doesn't over heat while keeping you warm on the coldest winter runs.

woman wearing trailheads winter running hat and glovesTrailHeads was formed in 2002 when founders Ed and Stephanie said “I do” and began their married life together. Working out of their tiny, one bedroom apartment they combined their savings with a grant from the NYS Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped in order to pull together the first collection, including their famous ponytail hats. They struggled through numerous production challenges, managed to get a handful of retailers to actually place orders, and then shipped almost everything late. But through it all they remained confident, at least most of the time, that they had some good ideas and a solid plan. Mark Charpentier, a colleague from Ed’s days working for Cannondale Corporation, joined TrailHeads to head up sales efforts. They were on the trail and moving forward!

Along the way, they relocated to Kent, CT and steadily built a small team of talented people. From their solar powered office in the northwest hills of Litchfield County, you’ll find their team passionately working to develop the highest quality, innovative apparel and accessories for outdoor fun and adventure.

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