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Stunt Puppy

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Getting ready for a run takes time.  The type of run, temperature, surface type, distance, as well as a number of additional factors are all used to determine how we prepare.  Picking the right running shoes, apparel, and other running accessories are critical to ensure successful and injury-free dog running or dog training.  

Shouldn't that same level of thought go into preparing our pets to run and exercise alongside us?  Selecting the right running gear to keep them warm, or to allow pet and owner to run in sync without impacting each other's stride or focus.  That unique performance gear exists, thanks to the Minnesota-based pet fitness innovators at Stunt Puppy.  

The Stunt Puppy team started with a single jacket made from scraps for Jack, a thermally fragile Ridgeback, and then fashioned the perfect retractable bungee leash for Bauer to make hospital therapy rounds. Years later they still design for the Jacks and Bauers who are making the world a better place, one unconditional wag at a time.

That design starts with the same quality standards that you would expect for yourself - running grade fabrics.  This means gear that's lighter, softer, more breathable, and performs better across a range of running conditions. They use runner-grade fabrics and components because to them, it's never JUST a dog.

And good on paper isn't good enough.  They lab test every design to ensure it can endure your pets outdoor running and adventures. 

That's how they make unique pet running gear that's fit for your standards, and your dog.

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