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Put a spring in your step...literally, with running shoes from California-based Spira. 

An area that we advocate often at Run Uncommon is variety in nearly all aspects of running...training, gear, style, and shoes.  Running in different shoe types delivers slight form adjustments that work different muscles to create a stronger and more balanced runner.  A key is to make sure that the shoes are structurally different, not just different colors and styles, and there is no more structurally unique shoe than Spira.  The heart of the shoe is what is called Wavespring® technology to delivery exceptional running energy return.  

spira wavespring technology expanded viewWant to run further, faster, and with less fatigue?  The WaveSpring® is a stable and lightweight energy return spring that is placed in the heel and forefoot of every running shoe. This technology allows runners and athletes to participate in their activities for longer periods of time, with far less stress on muscles and joints. Think of this technology as “little shock absorbers” for your body.  

WaveSpring® not only cushions with every step, but returns almost the same amount of energy. Up to 96% of the running energy is returned to the wearer. This “recycled” energy allows you to participate in activities with less stress on the joints, ligaments and the entire body than traditional footwear.

It further reduces peak impact forces throughout the gait cycle by 20%. It is during these peaks that injuries usually occur. With the reduction is peak force, injuries can be reduced. Many elite athletes, marathoners, fitness enthusiasts report that they can race, train and work out at a more intense level. Recovery time between activities is often reduced.

WaveSpring® is mechanical and works through deflection and opposed to compression. This helps to shoe keep the “new shoe” cushioned feel throughout the normal life of the shoe while continuing to delivery unmatched running energy return.

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