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Having a minimalist shoe is an important part of any running arsenal. Feeling the ground underfoot and promoting proprioception helps to improve running form and flexibility while reducing injury.  Of all the barefoot shoes that we've tried, there are none more minimalist, and just generally unique, than the Sockwa.  That's why we love them so much.
What began on the beaches of Southern California in the spring of 2008 catering to the needs of budding beach athletes quickly turned into solving one of mankind's oldest inventions, the running shoe.  Beach goers loved the Sockwa product so much, they started wearing the socks all around town, on concrete, asphalt, and grass.  This was the best problem team Sockwa could ever face...remain a beach sock company, or challenge itself and make customers happy by adding a sole, making its sock into a truly unique running shoe. 

Needless to say, they rose to the occasion and designed a distinctive, never been done before, kind of sole, made of plastic, not rubber.  Why plastic?  First, it's better for the environment by using fewer resources and with a cleaner process.  But most importantly, it was listening to customers, who wanted the Sockwa barefoot shoe sole to be thinner than a Vibram.  Plastic allows them to make the sole so super thin and defined, yet durable and softer than most other running rubber soles.

Listening to runners and evolving the product towards a unified vision is what lies at the heart of the Sockwa brand.  They continually improve process, people and product to provide runners with service and attention to detail that they can't get elsewhere.

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