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Shamma Sandals

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One running trend that we promote at Run Uncommon is variety.  Don't just run in the same thing, day in and day out.  Having different and unique shoes and gear utilizes different muscles and movements to keep you strong and flexible.  And if you are not running in barefoot-style sandals, this is yet another way to expand upon your running movement and diversity potential. 
Sandals are a way of life at the Shamma HQ in Santa Cruz, California, but flip-flops just don’t cut it. They are hard enough to walk in, let alone run in. As minimalist running fans in need of footwear that would protect without disconnecting from the ground, the Shamma team just wasn't seeing what was needed and started making sandals and hitting the trails.
They loved it. Running naturally again in minimalist sandals, they started doing everything else in the sandals - going to the grocery store, taking kids to soccer games, doing projects around the house, hanging out at BBQs. From casual activities to intense ones, everything felt better and more natural.
Soon friends and family - whether adventurous or relaxed - were benefiting from sandals, but it was a small thing, almost a secret. As more people started to ask about getting a pair, they started making more and more. They improved them, took everyone’s feedback, and improved them some more. Since then they have continued to constantly test designs, getting input from military trainers, foot doctors, running coaches, and barefoot running customers alike.
The Shamma team is dedicated to improving running sandals forever. They don’t over-engineer products, instead making careful decisions about designs, materials, and all-USA suppliers. The sandals are zero drop from heel to toe, with secure and easy to use lacing systems. They move with your stride, without slipping or tripping you up.
They want to provide the best fit and performance available for the most natural barefoot running feel. They don’t make flip-flops. They make sandals. Their goal is to make the best minimalist sandals available, to give you an unparalleled experience in your moments of adventure and leisure.