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Runners have busy schedules.  Fitting in a 30 minute run here, an hour run there, and a long run on the weekends is not always easily accomplished.  And it doesn't always happen during daylight hours.  In fact, we're often hitting the pavement either before the sun is up or after sunset.  In an age of busy commuters and distracted drivers, it's more important than every to have reflective running gear that accomplishes both safety and performance objectives.

When we're out running in the dusk or darkness, it's important to be seen.  A headlamp or lighting device can certainly help, but only if you are wearing one and it's pointed in the right direction.  Reflective performance running clothing is an important part of being safe in these conditions.  

RUSEEN's founder has been producing Hi-Visibility and reflective performance running clothing for over 30 years. All of its employees are avid runners and bikers; therefore it remains in tune with what the active individual is looking for in a reflective performance garment. Its mission and company goal is to keep ALL individuals who are running and exercising SAFER, by the utilization of hi-visibility & reflective active wear.

There is no more innovative reflective performance running apparel provider than RUSEEN.  While the reflection from the white line or a yellow line on a road is anywhere from 35 to 48 lumens bright, the reflection from RUSEEgear is anywhere from 330 to 550 lumens.  That's more than ten times the reflective power, and a much increased likelihood that you will be noticed when running!

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