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Like many health conscious athletes, Muir Energy founder Ian McNally struggled to find the right all natural running nutrition to keep him going while pushing his body to its limits. His jaws tired of chewing raw nuts and dehydrated fruit. Most food bars are dry, heavy and not very healthy.  And most gels are filled with synthetics.  He also wanted something he could eat straight, add to his oatmeal or soup, or spread on a cracker.  With no products on the market that fit this criteria, he decided to make it himself. 

Our family has a similar story, as we've been hitting the natural foods section for years and choosing healthy alternatives in place of processed alternatives.  We carefully select nearly everything we buy, always reading labels to make sure there are only ingredients we can pronounce.  When it came to running nutrition, however, we broke from Ian's method and our process was far simpler.  How many calories or carbs can we jam into the system in the most efficient manner possible?  

After being introduced to Muir Energy, we were shocked at how much all natural nutrition is packed into a little packet.  While normal gels might provide 100-110 calories each, Muir Energy packet was able to deliver up to 150 calories of running nutrition in the same serving.  Further, when we read the label, we are pleasantly surprised to find only 4 to 6 ingredients per flavor.  This made us wonder what was in normal running gels.  We went to grab one, and were shocked by how "synthetic" they seemed.  A laundry list of items that we didn't recognize and often couldn't pronounce.

We've totally switched to Muir for our in-workout all natural running nutrition.  Not only are they healthy, but they taste great and are easy to consume.  They're a little thicker than a normal gel, but still easy to draw out and less likely to spill.  

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!  Our favorite flavors include Hazelnut Banana, Cacao Almond, and Sweet Potato Oregano.  Which are yours?

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