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Lily Trotters

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The Lily African bird with absurdly long legs and huge clawed feet.  Their extraordinary feet and legs allow them to hop over lily pads and walk on floating vegetation.  The female Lily Trotter is the ultimate power chick, venturing into the forest and choosing her mate.  After partnering, the male stays home to incubate and raise the young.

A lifelong lover of art and design, Lily's founder Susan was a designer and creative director before starting Lily Trotters in 2013. Her goal was simple, and it remains true today: Produce truly beautiful, high-quality performance compression running socks that bring the benefits of compression to women in every aspect of their running, fitness, and everday lives.

From the most conservative running sock to the most colorful and boldly patterned stripes, there’s a performance compression sock to suit your personal running style.  Comfortable enough to wear throughout your day, and durable enough for the serious runner.  

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