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Immediate absorption for instant, 100% natural running nutrition.  The more strenuous the running or training, the more glucose your body requires. Glukos is made with all-natural glucose and simple ingredients to provide all your body needs for run fuel.  No digestion required.  Glukos passes through the cell wall into your mouth to provide nearly instantaneous run energy.  Available in tablet or gel for easy training and race consumption.

Glukos is an all natural sports nutrition company based in Minnesota.  They believe in living life to its fullest and helping others achieve happiness and whatever goals they dream of. Glukos is run by athletes and business executives who have a passion for being the best they can be – whether its in business, running marathons, on the golf course, or the most important life roles as a friend or family member.

glukose energy gelAll products utilize only glucose as a source of energy. Glucose is the carbohydrate that provides energy for all living things. It’s the only carbohydrate that can be absorbed directly thru cell walls – thus not requiring digestion. Digestion takes time and uses energy.

The ingredients are limited – focusing on glucose, electrolytes and natural fruit oils for flavor. Glukos products are some of the cleanest on the market . They never use artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Kids, parents, active adults, diabetics and elite runners all trust Glukos to help them perform their very best!

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