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Quality running clothing is an investment.  It costs more than the cheap stuff, but the value comes from how it looks, performs, and holds up to putting in the running miles.  It's easy to see what poor quality looks like - perhaps it lacks breathability, or creates chafe, or breaks down after a few uses.  Is it just as easy to spot high quality performance running apparel?  Fortunately, the folks at Fusion make it easy by providing an entire line of the highest quality running clothing by an established performance innovator.

Fusion was formed during 1999 in Aalborg (Denmark), and through manufacturing precision, use of high quality technical fabrics and a constant drive to be innovative.  It quickly forged a reputation for making durable, functional and cutting edge fitness running products.

Fusion has a rich heritage in the field of multi-sport and has earned a cult following among endurance running athletes. With all products manufactured in Europe using only the highest quality materials, Fusion has become a brand, which is synonymous with running excellence.

At Fusion they constantly strive to push the boundaries in the development of new products, with a dedication to continually exceed the needs of its customers that is only matched by its customer’s own dedication to running.  Fusion does not change its entire style range every season, but continues to offer established products, make enhancements to others and develop new ones.

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