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Fenix Lighting

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Fenix Lighting offers a wide variety of durable, performance-driven, high lumen-output lighting solutions for runners and those with an active lifestyle that aren't hindered by dusk or night.  From headlamps to handhelds, rechargeable to battery driven, and so much in between, there is a perfect Fenix light to meet your fitness and running illumination needs.  

Start with activity. Dial in battery preference. Consider lumen output. Decide on weight. Take a look at price. The growing Fenix Lighting running illumination line accommodates everyone from neighborhood explorers to South African adventure racers. With a common background of reliability and durability, each product lines up with the requirements of active, value-minded runners and individuals. At Fenix Lighting, no running headlamp or light is brought forward without meeting its situation-unique power source, illumination levels, and control requirements.

Turning precision LEDs into consistent running illumination takes the full spectrum of disciplines. Power management extracts – and balances – energy from on-board batteries. Optical engineering focuses LED output on each light’s requirements for distance and dispersion. Ergonomic design puts easily-operated controls in a lightweight package for hand, head or handlebars.

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