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Diffuse Casually

Diffuse Casually

Rummaging through her Grandmother’s (Mimi) jewelry drawers at a young age was how it all began for Athena Masotti - Founder and visionary behind the Diffuse Casually brand. It became a regular occurrence during each visit to find Athena with Mimi's bracelets running all the way up to her elbows. Athena's Mimi loved everything that sparkled and her infinite zest for life led her to believe in something that she carried throughout her entire life; Very simply, anytime is a good time to wear jewelry! As the years passed, Athena became just like her Mimi. Jewelry became an innate part of who she is as a person. Each piece of jewelry designed and crafted is a reflection of Athena's creative style and love for personal expression and individuality.

With her combined interest in healthy living and essential oils, Athena has taken a unique and elegant approach in designing her jewelry to ensure versatility and style. Whether you are spending the day at the office or around the house, potentially recovering from a long run or epic ride, these pieces offer diffusion on the go. As a result of the very nature of these essential oil accessories, the possibilities are truly endless in regards to the benefits everyone can reap from these marvelous creations.

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