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Carson Footwear

When we use the word "craftsman" on our website, it applies no more truly than to Everett Carson, founder of unique trail and road running shoe company Carson Footwear.  These distinctive, minimalist running shoes are made to order, by hand, with zero production waste.  No old styles that are over produced and clearance'd out.  And with a zero drop barefoot platform, you train and run the way your body was intended to - naturally.  Also, we can't help but love the innovative styles - Iguana, Zombie Racer, Dotty???  You'll stand out with these unique running shoes and gear!

Since 2013, Carson Footwear has made minimally-designed, lightweight (9.5 oz) running shoes in the USA. The shoes are built with a zero-drop, 10mm, polyurethane midsole/outsole with a light, flexible upper. They finish them off with a 5mm sockliner for ultimate comfort and added protection.  The proprioception gained from this type of shoe allows for better underfoot feel to minimize heel strike and promote a stronger and more efficient long-term running stride.

Carson believes running in minimal, barefoot-styled shoes makes your feet stronger while buying from USA-made organizations makes our country stronger.

"I started Carson footwear because I wanted a neutral running shoe that I actually enjoyed running in. In my hunt for the perfect running shoe, what I saw was an industry that had been abandoned by the American entrepreneur. It seemed everybody was trying to build a more profitable shoe. I wanted to build a superior shoe using the best materials and artisans our great country already had to offer. Each shoe is carefully constructed by hand from start to finish by highly skilled shoemakers who help me deliver an exceptional product that is 100% made in the USA."

- Everett Carson

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