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Carrying a Smartphone while Running

It's hard to ignore our reliance upon technology.  Whether for safety or convenience, runners have many reasons to carry their smartphone with at all times, even while training.  However, while our phones continue to become smaller and more advanced, many runners still rely on dated carrying solutions.  In particular, the dreaded armband.

Who likes an armband?  Too loose and it slips, eventually sliding down to or past the elbow.  Too tight and it cuts of circulation, leaving a nice mark around the bicep when training is over.  And what if someone calls or texts and you need to answer or respond?  Good luck getting your phone out in time.  

Enter today's smartphone running solutions.  We have a variety of packs, bands, and specialized gear that is smartphone-enabled to bring running technology up to date with the phones themselves.

Running Vest

Running vests now come in an assortment of styles made specifically for smartphone storage.  The phone stores safe and secure, without bounce, in specialized storage pockets.  Accessibility depends on the style.  A few options include:

  • fitly running packFitly Running PackA running pack made for short runs and designed with smartphone storage in mind.  The phone stores on the back of the pack, making accessibility somewhat of a challenge.  However, you can easily loop headphones through the storage compartment and over ear, making answering phone calls easy when headphone controls are present.  The compartment is weatherproof, and does not bounce.  
  • orange mud pfv vestOrange Mud PFVPFV stands for phone, flask, vest.  Another vest designed to carry just the essentials for short runs.  Here, a dedicated front pocket is made to store your smartphone, with additional pockets for other gear and hydration.  While the phone pocket is not weatherproof like the Fitly, its forward location makes it accessible at all times.
    • naked running vestNaked Running Vest (Men's or Women's).  While not specifically designed for smartphone storage, the Naked Running Vest has the versatility to handle smartphones like a pro.  The entire vest has a base layer that snugs against the skin and a flexible outer mesh.  Store anything, including your phone, by pulling the mesh forward and dropping your gear inside.  With over 3 liters of space, your phone, hydration, and other gear is sure to find a good home.  Again this vest is not weatherproof, but accessibility is easy and no bounce.


    Waist Band

    There are a ton of waist bands out there, but only one that we've found which works.  And when we say "works," we're not just talking about smartphones...we're talking about everything.  Most running waist bands have pocket slots that we find extremely inconvenient to use.

    naked running bandEnter the Naked Running Band.  Like it's upper vest version, it is a 2-layer band that wraps around the waist.  The interior thicker layer sits comfortably against the skin, while the exterior layer is a mesh that easily pulls away to securely store gels, keys, hydration bottles, and yes, smartphones.  A whopping two liters of storage in a waist band means you are sure to find ample room for your phone and other gear.  The simple, functional designs means accessing your phone is simple at any point during your run.

    Smartphone Enabled Running Clothing

    Rather ditch the vest or waist band and stick to the essential gear?  There are solutions for that too.

    kippo smartphone shortsKippo is the first clothing line dedicated to smartphone-friendly fitness.  Each clothing item has a simple, made for cell-phone pocket that allows your phone to easily slide in and out for convenient access.  Their line includes running performance shorts, leggings, and capris for fitness solutions in all types and weather.  

    Other apparel companies, such as BloqUV, have started to follow suit.  BloqUV offers leggings and capris style bottoms with similar smartphone-enabled pockets.  

    Thank you for reading.  Keep doing amazing things.  And however you run, Run Uncommon.

    The Uncommon Runner 

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