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Product Review: Naked Running Band

Given our disappointment with running bands in general, we were both excited and apprehensive with Naked's attempt at this product.  The running band is a simple concept that no one has seemed to perfect. 

Most bands are a double layer fabric with pockets throughout where you can slide items in and out, or at least that's the concept.  It's not so easy, especially as the miles loom, to dig through a band and find gels, salt tablets, hydration, and other gear especially as it twists around your waist and the pockets seem to blend with one another.  Personally, I'd rather not go on a blind gel treasure hunt at mile 20 of a marathon.

However, Naked has solved this problem with a simple yet brilliant design.  Yes, they solved it.

About the Band

The Naked Running Band is a lightweight performance band that wraps around your waist to move with you while storing your essential hydration and gear. It provides a whopping 2 liters of storage in the 4-way power mesh that fits around the waist and is advertised as breathable, non-chafing, and highly bounce-resistant.  The design provides for easy on and off by simply sliding the band up or down the waist, avoiding buckles or other clasping mechanisms.  Band weight is just over 2 ounces. 

Additional features:

Three individual pockets that open and close easily for quick access on the run and provide up to two liters of storage.  

Two elastic storage loops

naked running band elastic storage loops

Two front bib attachments.

naked running band bib attachments

Three pull/carrying tabs, and one interior clip.

naked running band interior clip

    Run Types for this Band

    For most running bands, I'd limit the usage to short runs or races with frequent aid stations.  However, because of the Naked Running Band's high storage capacity, it can easily replace a smaller vest and scale up to shorter ultras.  There is plenty of room to store at least one, if not two, water flasks in addition to the nutrition needed to make it long distances before refueling.

    I've worn this in long training runs exceeding 20 miles, as well as ultra marathon races and found the storage to be entirely adequate and no chafing after extreme distances.


    naked running band with two hydration flasksThis is where it shines.  It is hands down the most comfortable and convenient running band on the market.

    Comfort comes from materials and sizing.  Unlike most bands, which are one (or two) sizes to fit all, the Naked Running Band comes in twelve different sizes to customize for you waist and wear.  Further, the lightweight mesh and banding materials are easy on your skin and do not chafe.

    naked running band gel convenienceConvenience is even more dramatic.  Grabbing gear, gels, salt tablets, a poncho, or anything else you need on the fly is so simple with the pocket design.  First, the mesh is see through, so you'll be able to see what you are grabbing.  Second, it's so easy to get at...just pull the large pocket forward and get what you need.  The outer layer is slightly higher than the inner layer to provide ample coverage but also make it easy to grab and pull away.  No digging in small, hidden pockets that can get wet or sticky throughout the run.  The Naked Band stays dry and accessible from the first mile to the finish, and the open mesh stays cool while drawing away sweat and moisture.


    We've only gone through a few runs in the Naked Running Band, but the stitching and overall quality appears to be first rate. There is no sign of wear or pulled seams and this band looks to be made to last for many years.  

    Thank you for reading.  Keep doing amazing things.  And however you run, Run Uncommon.

    The Uncommon Runner

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