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Introducing Coalition Snow

coalition snow women's apparel

Run Uncommon is proud to announce its partnership with Coalition Snow, makers of bad-ass women's fitness and athletic apparel.

The goal of Coalition Snow is simple...make women's running gear that doesn't suck. This unique and stylish running clothing is made for women by women. Quick drying, moisture-wicking performance fabrics that stretch and move with you and without chafing, lap after lap around the track.

Each item has a large variety of distinctive styles to choose from. Most styles can be matched between the crop top and leggings or shorts, or to have a full coordinated run outfit including top, capris, leggings, shorts, and short shorts.

People often ask the Coalition Snow team what makes clothing “women’s specific.”

They could try to tell you their fabrics are made from tampons and the tears of fragile masculinity but that’s not what really matters.

The real secret to designing women’s running gear is starting with women first. Women talk, they listen, they create. See, no two women want the same exact thing. In fact, the only thing that all women can agree on when it comes to performance gear is that they don’t like being pigeon-holed into the basic “women’s running” stereotype.

Here’s the thing the industry seems to be missing; there’s no such thing as the perfect women’s running apparel. Gone are the days where a company can offer one women’s specific option among a myriad of “unisex” and “men’s” options.

And that marketing jargon? They know you can read right through that. If the industry can’t do better they will. Time to say goodbye to watered-down, one-size-fits-all training clothing and hello to the freedom of choice and the power of ownership.

And all items are made to order, so please allow 1-2 weeks for free delivery.

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Thank you for reading.  Keep doing amazing things.  And however you run, Run Uncommon.

The Uncommon Runner.

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